Blue Cross Bio-Medical(Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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Blue Cross Bio-Medical(Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Blue Cross Bio-Medical(Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Being established in 1992, Beijing Blue Cross Biotech Co. , Ltd. Is a high-tech Sino-Canada joint-venture with its own development, manufacturing, distribution and advisory service. Since its establishment, the Company has made wide-ranged of domestic and overseas investment and established four branches, three sub-branches and tens of national offices.

Our vision is oriented to develop colloidal gold one-step tests and membrane medical tests, which mark the great difference from other manufacturers in its characteristic material selection, production art and quality control and with which the Company has been maintaining great advantage over its fine characteristics, reliable quality and low cost.

Blue Cross Company has gathered under its roof a group of the finest scie-ntists and specialists majored in the field of bio-medical technology, material, engineering, manufacturing and information service.

Since 1995, four products have been rewarded with the State New Medicine Certificates and twice have been written into the State level "Torch Plan"(a high-tech results developing plan) .

"Blue Dream" brand one-step pregnancy test dipstick, has achieved striking achievements. The sales of "Blue Dream" have already reached 300 millions with the market share up to 63%, and contributed a lot to the Chinese birth control policy(Family planning) .

Blue Cross Company has well established an enormous marketing and sales network in China. Its agencies and salespeople scatter around in nearly 30 provinces and municipals, in 2000 local district and counties and in 30000 towns, Besides, the Company still has 3000 direct users such as clinics, hospitals, epidemic prevention stations and customs, The export of the finished and half-finished products has already gained a reliable gateway to the overseas market in the form of OEM packing. By far, the Company has already established reliable business relationships with 40 countries.

Within these two years, according to the demand of domestic and overseas market, Blue Cross have increased its product ranges broadly. Through its own its research and development resources, now Blue Cross is capable enough to produce high-quality fertility test, infectious diseases test, Tumor Marker test, Sexually transmitted diseases test and Drug test, almost 100 specifications available. Every year sees the new products coming into the market.
In 1999, according to the GMP international standard, Blue Cross Company invested and set up an office building of 80000 feet, characterized with its 4A level intellectual research and manufacturing facility, and is preparing for the ratification work on GMP, ISO and CE management system. This indeed marks the coming new era for Blue Cross to be an industrialized, specialized and international enterprise.

Blue Cross sincerely hope to develop and establish various business relationships with the friends from the same field worldwide base on the principles of benefiting each other and fully displaying ones advantage, and believe that through our joint efforts, both of us will make the contribution to the good health and happiness to the human kind.

We'll always are proven to be the best supplier in China for you on the rapid diagnostic test fields.

Liquid condom

Liquid condom

Pregancy Test Kits --- HCG and LH

Pregancy Test Kits --- HCG and LH

Company Type : Manufacturer
Contact : Alice Wang
Address : Beiqijia Industry Zone
Changping dist,
Beijing, Beijing, 102209
Telephone : [86] (10) 69756014
Fax : [86] (10) 69756010
Web Site :
Name(s) of Principals : Ming Zhu
Commenced Business : 1992
Annual Revenues : USD 10,000,000
Annual Exports : USD 3,000,000
Number Of Employees : 280
Plant Size : 8000
Plant Locations : China
Company Certifications : ISO13485,ISO9001,CE
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